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Breaking down problems in computer science / by Linde, Barbara M.,

Publication: New York : PowerKids Press, 2019 . 32 pages : 22 cm Date: 2019

I found this book useful to my research. Added 08/12/2022 by Mr Raul Migrino

Socialsklz for success : by De Muyshondt, Faye

Publication: 2013 . 207 pages : 24 cm. Date: 2013

As an educator (myself), I'll be encountering students to teach and influence and I believe 21'st century learners are more into technology that they don't know how to act across to others. This book gives parents or adults some ideas in not just showing good manners but teaching children on how to be behave in all social settings in short how to be SOCIALLY SUCCESSFUL. Thanks JRU Library for purchasing this :) Added 09/01/2017 by Miss ZUSETH PAROLA

Persuasion : by Lakhani, Dave

Publication: 2005 . xviii, 227 p. ; 24 cm. Date: 2005

A good reference in improving one self and learning the art of persuasion. Did it ever occur to you when you made up a decision you need to persuade people to get what you want? this book thus give us info's in influencing peoples mind in changing their decisions or to do something that is favorable with us. Thanks JRU library for purchasing this book :) Added 09/01/2017 by Miss ZUSETH PAROLA

Rebel spirits / by Ruby, Lois.

Publication: . 292 pages ; 22 cm

I really love this book and this is my favorite book ( Lahat naman favorite ko) Added by ALTHEA DENISSE HERMOSO