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ASLP – Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines
BSP – Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Knowledge Resource Network
DEPED – Department of Education – Antipolo Libraries
LIBRARYLINK – Library Linkage (Filipinas Heritage Library)
MAHLAP – Medical and Health Librarians Association of the Philippines
NALL – Network of Academic Law Librarians
OCLC – Ortigas Center Library Consortium, Inc.
OFL – Ortigas Foundation Library
PAARL – Philippine Association of Academic and Research Libraries
PAARLNET – Philippine Association of Academic and Research Libraries Networking
PASLI – Philippine Association of School Librarians, Inc.
PFLS – Philippine Foundation of Library Scholarship, Inc.
PGLL – Philippine Group of Law Libraries
PILC – Philippine Integrated Library Consortium
PLAI – Philippine Library Associations, Inc.
RLA – Rizaleños Librarians Association
PUPLSAA – Polytechnic University of the Philippines Alumni Association, Inc.

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