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The Jose Rizal University Library adjust to the changing needs of its users. In order to ensure the best services to our library clientele, the library focuses on increasing the online library services. In this way, the users are assured of its access to many different ebooks, ejournals and databases, provide trainings/skills to assist students in their studies and provide activities that will make the students enjoy their learning online. Since almost everything is being done online and so with the library. In this changing environment, libraries are trying to adjust their services to these new realities to serve the needs of its patron. With the presence of these online information, library services are also offered online. The following are the JRU Library services that the students can avail to support the hyflex learning: 

1. library.jru.edu
– 24/7 access to JRU Virtual Library where the students can check available resources of the library: printed book, electronic resources and audio visual materials.

2. Single sign-on of Online Database Subscriptions – to provide borderless access to the JRU Library’s online online databases, the students do not need to memorize nor look for their username and passwords to different databases. They just need to login using their JRU email address to access the rich collection of Proquest Central, Worldbook online, IG Publishing, GVRL and EBSCO databases.  

3. Virtual library Assistant (Libby)
a virtual library assistant who are ready to answers the library FAQs 24/7 to all library users. Along with the other links to other online services, Libby is there to give you other links related to JRU Library. 

4. Online Renewals of Books
– this is an online service of the library to ease the process of book renewals of the borrower. Likewise, email renewals is also being provided.

5. Remote Borrowing of books – the student may choose to borrow books from the library even without going there physically. The borrower can email the librarian and the librarian will prepare the book. Once the book is ready,  the borrower have two options: whether they can pickup the books in the school lobby or book a courier service. 

6. E-Textbook Library
– this is consist of curated links of all approved textbooks with online copy. This is to ensure that students have easier access on their textbooks. 

7. Undergraduate theses and dissertations
– list of available theses and dissertations that can be used as additional references by the student researchers

8. Library Facebook Page – the library maintains a page where all the library announcements are being posted aside from the ones posted in library site. It can be accessed thru this link: https://www.facebook.com/JOSE-RIZAL-UNIVERSITY-LIBRARY-373746324401

9. List of References per Subject – list of available references per subject prepared by the library that will serve as guide for the students for easier retrieval of information.

10. Electronic Resources Reading List – list of curated links to JRU’s electronic resources per subject. 

11. Open Educational Resources - list of curated links of open educational resources (open source materials) per subject. 

12. JRU Researches – list of available researches done by the faculty and employees of JRU through the Guided Research Program (GRES). These are additional references for student researchers.

13. Technology Enabled Learning – this is a collection of powerpoint presentations used in seminars conducted in JRU. 

14. Free Resources – these are links to free online resources  and other linkages of the JRU Library like PAARLNET, LibraryLink, PILC, and related resources. 

15. Information Services - Information to Library services, programs, policies and procedures of the JRU library 

16. Video Tutorials – these are videos that the students can watch in order to learn how to effectively use differently library resources and services. 

17. Online Library Orientation – these are videos of library orientation conducted by the JRU Library  

18. Online Library Instruction – series of library user education were conducted by the librarians for Elementary School (Grades 4-6) and Junior High School students (Grade 7). It consist of four (4) modules conducted every quarter to ensure that the students are educated not only on the use of library but as well as on how to effectively use various source of information for their research and studies.

19. Online Library Lessons (OLL) – this is an Information Literacy Program for Grades 9-10 and Feshment College students. It has 4 modules conducted quarterly. 

20. Online Story Time for Kinder and Grade 1 – these are conducted to by the BED Librarian wherein he provided storytelling sessions to promote reading and love for books to our young readers.  

21. Hands-on Training Workshop – this is a workshop done online to all new students, freshmen and transferees in all Divisions. Its objective is to orient them on how to use the onlne resources of the library. Students were asked to access it during the sessions for them to have the actual experience of it.  

22. Online Booktalk Showdown – this is a contest conducted by the library to encourage the students to borrow the books being featured in the showdown. This is where the students starting from Grade School up to Graduate and Law School shared their favorite books, the lessons learned from it and how it affect their lives. 

23. Different Promotional Activities per Division – The library conducted different contests in order to engage more users in the library. The following are:

  1. Quote Me
  2. Novel Brochure
  3. Digital Book Clubs
  4. QR Books
  5. Online Storytelling Competition
  6. Reading Poster Making
  7. Tula Mula sa Pamagat
  8. Library Tutorial Videos Contest
  9. Book Tasting 
  10. Reading Poster Making 
  11. Tiktok Book
  12. Koha Crossword Challenge
  13. Think Like a Lawyer

24. LIBLIFE – Dapat Lahat me LibLife – this is a library blog prepared by the librarian to share user stories happened in the library. It takle different topics to persuade other students to enhance their library experiences.

25. Request A Page - This service can be availed by all the students. It shall only be valid during the pandemic period and it shall cease once students are allowed to return to the libraries. Upon confirmation of the request, only the pages that are approved by their teachers shall be scanned and forwarded. These pages are for educational purposes only and may not be distributed or sold. All books for reproduction shall comply in the Republic Act No. 8293 also known as Philippine Copyright Law. 

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