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Library Mission

The Jose Rizal University Library, in support of the university's mission to develop its students to become useful and responsible citizens through the effective transfer of relevant knowledge and desirable values, continually evolves, innovates, and provides resources, instructional, curricular, personal, research and extension program needs of the students, faculty, and staff of the University.

Library Objectives

The library has the following general objectives:

  1. To provide library services to students and faculty in a prompt, complete, and effective manner as an integral part of the educational program of the University;
  2. To acquaint, encourage, and facilitate access to and use of library facilities, materials, and services by students, especially in connection with academic study and research;
  3. To assist faculty and researchers in the preparation of their course contents and coverage, as well as academic research, by providing the necessary reference and other source materials for the purpose; and
  4. To continually improve the competency of library personnel, the effectiveness of the library systems, and the relevance of library administration policies and procedures.
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