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1.All library materials shall be borrowed and charge-out properly.
2.Observe silence at all times.
3.Eating/ sleeping is strictly prohibited.
4.Group discussion shall be at moderate level.
5.Smoking is not allowed.
6.No ID no entry policy.
7.Mobile phones should be on silent mode. Calls shall be made and answered outside the library.
8.Littering and vandalism are strictly prohibited.
9.The library is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings.
10.Reservation of seats is not permitted.
11.Books and other articles left unattended on chairs and tables may be removed by the library staff.
12.Library clientele must be properly dressed and exercise proper conduct in the library.
13.The library staff on duty has the right to request a user to leave the premises if he/she is found violating any of the library rules.
14.The library may amend Library Rules and Regulations as necessary.

1.Violation of any of the rules stated below is subject to disciplinary action.
2.Possession and/or drinking alcoholoc beverage within the library premises.
3.Stealing of any library property.
4.Lending of his/her ID in borrowing library materials and/or misrepresentation for the purpose of entering the library.
5.Habitual disregard for or willful violation of established library rules and regulations.
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