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All bonafide students, faculty, administrators and non teaching staff of JRU with JRU email accounts can avail of this service. Email accounts are required to make your email renewals valid. In renewing your library accounts, the following should steps should be followed:

1.Send a letter of request to renew the library materials borrowed from your JRU email account to libraryrenewals@jru.edu. Please make sure to include the following information:
     a. name
     b. student number
     c. course/ year
     d. title of the book and author
     e. accession number
     f. Date Borrowed
     g. Due Date
2.Your request must be received by the library 8:00am one working day before your due date.
3.The library will confirm to the circulation counter whether the request can be renewed or not.
4.A response letter will be sent to you whether your books can be renewed or not. The following might be the reason why your request will be denied:
      a. the book is in demand
      b. the book is needed/ requested by other library user
      c. the book has already accumulated fines.
      d. other reasons, that will be specified to you the reason on our response letter.
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If you do not have a Google account, but do have a local account, you can still log in: