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This service is for the outside researchers who wanted to use the JRU Library resources and facilities.
1.The JRU library accepts outside researcher/s for the following schedules:
     Main Library – every Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm
     Tower Library – every Monday from 10:00am – 7:00pm
2.Outside researcher/s shall bring a letter of request addressed to the JRU University Librarian coming from the school they are enrolled.
3.The library allow researcher/s to use the books and other research materials for in-library use only.
4.The researchers can make an on-line appointment or thru telelephone.

The library issues referral letter for all the JRU students who wanted to visit other libraries for research purposes.
1.Fill up the Inter-Library Loan Slip. (link of the form).
2. Submit the duly signed form to the librarian for an interview.
3. Interview is done to check the research topic of the applicant. If resources needed are not found in the library or needs additional information about the topic of research, applicant is given the referral slip.
4. The librarian will fill up the slip for inter library loan indicating the topic of research and the number of students to visit the chosen library.
5. Once done, the librarian in charge will forward the request slip to the secretary for the University Librarian's signature.
6. The secretary will issue the referral letter to the applicant.
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