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The Document Delivery Service is one of the services of Jose Rizal University Library for its offsite researchers. It covers the delivery of copies of journal articles, electronic resources and book chapters owned by JRU libraries. These documents are scanned or photocopied and can be sent electronically or by courier.

1.Document Delivery Service is available to all offsite researchers, both student or non- student of JRU. 2.Requests from students from other schools, private and government researchers shall be made through their office’s or school’s head librarian.
3. Requests are usually processed within 24-48 hours of receipt, not including weekends and holidays. 
4.Requests are limited to five requests per person per day; requests submitted in excess of five per day will be processed as time allows. Requesters will be notified of delays.
5.All requests are subject to discretion of the librarian based on copyright protection of the materials.
6.Researchers have two options:
A. Electronic. Most requests will be filled by providing an electronic copy. Electronic copies are sent thru email. Some requests may be supplied as photocopies, at the library's discretion.
B. Photocopy. Photocopies can be delivered via courier (LBC) or FAX. For FAX delivery, FAX machines must be able to receive at all times.
7.Pre-payment are required before processing all requests. Check payment, bank electronic transfer (DBP) or cash payment shall be made at the university Cashier only. Payment details and invoice will be emailed to library@jru.edu to start processing request.
8.Rates. The researcher will be advised on the amount of photocopy or scan documents requested depending on the number of pages. For the delivery rate, please refer to the current rates of LBC.
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