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_cJRU Library
082 _a347.05
_b.R481 [2016]
100 _aRiano, Willard B.,
245 _aCivil procedure :
_bvolume 1 the bar lectures series /
_cWillard B. Riano, Dean College of Law, University of the East, Former Dean & Executive Dean, College of Law, San Sebastian College Recoletos-Manila, Member, Remedial Law and Commercial Law Committees, U.P. Law Center, former Professorial Lecturer, Philippine Judicial Academy, Supreme Court of the Philippines.
264 _aManila, Philippines :
_bREX Book Store,
250 _a2016 Bantam Edition
300 _axxxviii, 732 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates ;
_c24 cm
336 _atext
337 _aunmediated
338 _avolume
520 _a "This work is the first volume of a two-volume material in Civil Procedure and is prepared primarily for the4 law student and the bar reviewee as an aid to passing the annual bar examinatioons. hence, its scope discloses no pretensions of being an exhaustive discussion of every procedural principle. In this volume, every effort is made to incorporate many of the available latest pronouncements of the Supreme Court. References are also made to the year when a particular topic was recently made the subject of the bar examinations. However,owing to the limited purpose of this material, it is not possible to include every procedural principle that may possibly arise in the litigation process although the reader may find within pages the fundamental principles necessary to grasp the essence of procedural law. Hence, the reader will find that the topics in this material constitute the rearranged versions of those found in the Rules of Court. The rearrangement is intended to bring down the study of procedure to a more simplified yet workable level so the student of law may come to realize that procedural principles are neither abstract nor circuitous." --[By the Author]
521 _aProfessional
546 _aText in English
650 0 _991539
_aCivil procedure
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