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_cJRU Library
082 _a895
_b.N532 [2014]
245 _aNew tales of the Gobi Desert :
_bthe anthology of the Hong Kong Young Writers Awards /
300 _a253 pages :
_bcolor illustrations ;
_c25 cm
336 _atext
337 _aunmediated
338 _avolume
520 _a"Twice as long as it is wide, the Gobi Desert has proved a formidable barrier to emperors and warriors alike. Bordered by mountains and grasslands, it lives in the shadow of the Himalayan range, meaning its dry, barren land is explored only by the brave and intrepid - people like all of our writers and artists featured here! Host to nomads and herders, explorers and ultrarunners, it is also home to camels and goats, bears and ... Mongolian death worms? See what we mean about brave ... But its vast rocks and scarred land does not mean it is not worthy of protection. As desertification and climate change take their toll, it is clear that, despite the gems and jewels trade here, and the copper and gold mined from its depths, the true beauty of the Gobi Desert itself is the most precious gift of all, and one that should be protected at all costs. This collection of work is a selection of the best written and artistic pieces submitted to the Hong Kong Young Writers Awards in 2014." --Provided by publisher.
521 _aAdult
546 _aText in English
650 _aAsian literature.
710 _aHong Kong Young Writers Awards.
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