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A day in the life of your knee. by Provost, Jill A fight against vitamin A deficiency. by Tacio, Henrylito D. A gift of hearing. by Ricalde, Rosario R. A glance at Philippine education (yesterday, today and tomorrow). by Avendaño, Ma. Nina P. A helping hand : by Manipon, Roel Hoang A heritage of well-being : by De Leon, Felipe M., Jr. A librarian's life : by Elloso, CK A man called "BATO." by Romulo, Erwin A serious threat to wildlife : by Lagman, Maxine Louise A smoke in the crowd. by Baldoza, Nathanlie M. A stroke is a medical emergency. by Sabando, Diana R. A time for rights : by Perez, Rosa Amelia A winning name is good business. A winning name is good business. A womb like Sarai. by Gayares, Jocelyn About gout. by Tacio, Henrylito D. Above all, reading is fun. by Patawaran, AA Adolescence and acceptance. by Cabral, Jeremee Gerald A. Advancing health-care delivery through technology innovations in radiology. by Chari, Ashwin After the Taal Eruption : by Elefante, Fil V. Aging is a problem we can solve. AIDS testing : by Tolete, Janet R. Aiming for cyber safety. Air pollution is more harmful than you think. by Mendoza, Alfredo N. V Alagaan ang kalikasan. Alagaan ang tumatanda at may sakit na magulang. by Arayata, Marilyn C. All about diabetes. by Magno, Nelia R. All coffee is harmful. by Radd, Sue All is not lost for lung cancer patients. by Romualdez, Greggy H. All meningitis matters. All you need to know about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. by Su, Eric Clark Allergic rhinitis : by Vicente, Gil M. Alzheimer's disease : by Tacio, Henrylito D. Am I being cyberbullied? by Baloja, Paul M. Amazing animals. by Holland, Jennifer S. Amidst rage about climate change. by Rodriguez, Anabel A. An amazing arrival. by Signy, Helen An expository survey of corporate social responsibility (CSR) models and relational studies on environmental issues. by Montana, Robert Ang bangkang papel ng ekonomiyang Pilipino. Ang ekonomiyang rural. Ang gamit ng wika sa komunikasyon. by Villafuerte, Pat V. Ang kampana ng pag-ibig : by Alvarez, Lilia Borlongan Ang Laguna de Bay. Ang machismo at marianismo sa lipunang Pilipino. by Faller, Richard Ang makapagpahayag - karapatan ng bawat Pilipino. Ang mga batang manggagawa sa Asya-Pasipiko. Ang novel coronavirus at mga hakbang upang makaiwas dito. by Lavares, Onil Ang Overseas Filipino Workers. Ang pag-aalaga sa mga katutubong wika. by Abueg, Efren R. Ang paiba-ibang pagtuturo. by Villafuerte, Pat V. Ang patakarang edukasyong bilingguwal. by Villafuerte, Pat V. Ang pinagdaanang kontrobersiya ng wikang Filipino. by Lavares, Onil Ang social pension kaya'y sagot sa pagdarahop ng mga indigent senior citizens? by Sanchez, Fernando B. Ang tamang pananaw sa pagtatrabaho. by Alvarez, Lilia Borlongan Ang teorya at kahulugan ng wika sa kurikulum ng K to 12. by Villafuerte, Pat V. Ang wikang Filipino laban sa karalitaan. by Abueg, Efren R. Ang yamang angkin ng wikang Filipino. by Alvarez, Lilia Bolongan Ano ang zika virus? Anti-reflux guidelines. by Radd, Sue Anxiety : by Melgosa, Julian Anyare? : living language and the influence of popular media from Swardspeak to hugot. by Reyes, Jose Javier Archipelagic independence : by Dumdum, Orion Perez Are eggs good for your health? by Tacio, Henrylito D. Are we natural-born racists? by Mooney, Chris Are we secure with the Human Security Act (HSA)? / Are we wired to be poor? by Ferreria, Joe Are you prepped for disaster? by Zaballero, Joey Are you ready for climate change? by Tongco, Cathlea Navarro Are you ready for storm signal numbers5? by De Vera, Ellalyn B. Are you ready for the big one? by Lorenzo, Mae Lorraine Rafols Aromatherapy decoded (Part 1). Arthritis : by Tacio, Henrylito D. Asthma cure right around the corner. At the heart of healthcare. by Espiner, Terry Attaining the peak : by Marsden, Marcus Autistic children : by Tacio, Henrylito D. Avocado : by Tacio, Henrylito D. Avocados : by Lowenstein, Kate Avoiding first aid mistakes. Bacolor : a picture of resiliency. by Delica, Alrojo T. Bagong kontrobersiya sa edukasyon : by Abueg, Efren R. Bagong reporma sa edukasyon K to 12, bakit kontrobersyal? (Part 1) by Abueg, Efren R. Bagong reporma sa edukasyon K to 12, bakit kontrobersyal? (Part 2) by Abueg, Efren R. Bagong reporma sa edukasyon K to 12, bakit kontrobersyal? (Part 3). by Abueg, Efren R. Bakit hindi 'Pro-people' ang neoliberal na ekonomiks? Bakit Kastila ang apelyido ng mga Pilipino? by Faller, Chad Bakit laging huli sa tipanan ang mga Pilipino? by Faller, Chad Bakit mahalaga ang pagpapakasal? by Faller, Richard Bakit mahalagang basahin ang literaturang Filipino. by Teodoro, John Iremil Bakit may senior high school? by Villafuerte, Pat V. Bakit nga ba napakaraming relihiyon sa mundo? by Sanchez, Fernando B. Bakit tutol ang simbahan sa same-sex unions? by Alvarez, Lilia Borlongan Balik Kalipay : by Honculada, Jurgette Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) and the continuing threats of violent extremism in the Southern Philippines. by Bantao, Rommel C. Bargain books, but who's buying? by Cuartero, Nestor Bayanihan Federalism : BBL : by Salud, Joel Pablo Be money smart. by Alinduza, Bennette, Kathleen B. Be positive : by Koo, Kaye Estoista Be smart about charity : by Moore, Roy Beating cancer by really trying. by Tacio, Henrylito D. Beets beat high blood pressure. by Corpus, Arlene May G. Beginning the saving habit. by Tañales, John Spencer B. Bell's palsy. by Sarne, Marou Pahati Beyond human rights - asserting people's rights. Beyond the key skills. by Fernando, Nicholas Big number and increasing. Biktima ka ba ng domestic violence? by Lavares, Onil Bilingualism : by Erona, Charmiemaria Binu-bully ka ba? by Arayata, Marilyn C. Biodiversity in Southeast Asia. by Balmes, Domar H. Biological sex vs. gender identity. by Francisco, Arminda Bitcoin 101. by Bondoc, Jesi Bittermelon for better blood sugar. by Radd, Sue Blindness from retinal damage. by Sarne, Marou Pahati Bones of contention. by Dumaraos, Ruth R. Boosting Philippine transportation industry. by Marfal, Allan, Mauro V. Born to break the rules. by Silva, John L. Brain food. by Mlynek, Alex Braving the perils of life. by Collamat, Nylvie, Loire A. Breaking free from bullying. by Torema, Bemjo T. Breaking out of the glass cage : by Enriquez, Jean Breakthrough lung cancer medication shows promise. by Romualdez, Greggy H. Breast cancer 101 : Breast cancer and how to prevent it. by Tacio, Henrylito D. Breathe easy : Brilliant ideas to stop smoking. by Villaflor, Tomas V. Buhay na alaala ng Martsa ng Kamatayan. by Concepcion, Eden Pedrajas Buhay pa ba ang diwa ng Edsa? by Concepcion, Eden Pedrajas Build, build, build : by Villar, Mark Building bucks. by Antiporda, Toni Anne Paula A. Bullying : by Amurao, Maria Theresa Hermano Bullying : by Romulo, Beth Day Bulnerabilidad ng Pilipinas sa mga kalamidad. Business at the speed of light. by Carpio, Alma Anonas Business Mirror Health and Fitness Bust your clutter hot spots. Buwan ng kababaihan : by Alvarez, Lilia Borlongan Can Asian integration lead to co-prosperity and shared values? by Bocalo, Maria Can depression affect your brain? : Can meditation really slow ageing? by Merchant, Jo Can we afford to save the climate. by Pañares, Babe Can you live without the gallbladder? by Sarne, Marou Pahati Can you spot fake news? by Rohani, Siti Can't get enough sleep? by Sarne, Marou Pahati Cancer protection from the early stages onwards. Cancer risk increases with age. by Tacio, Henrylito D. Candida : Cardiac arrest : the silent killer. by Tacio, Henrylito D. Cardiomyopathy. by Sarne, Marou Pahati Caring for someone with dementia. Cervical cancer : by Tacio, Henrylito D. Cervical cancer. by Almocera, Evelyn Changing role of teachers with the advent of e-classroom. by Carpio, Jennifer S. Charity begins at home ... so does corruption. by Crisanto, Joyce N. Charter Change : by Elefante, Fil V. Charter Change & Federalism : by Elefante, Fil V. Checking for colon cancer : by Tacio, Henrylito D. Chico minute. by Corpus, Arlene, May G. Christmas traditions in the Philippines. by Tria, Pauline Faye V. Christmas traditions in the Philippines. Christmas trees come and gone : by Vanzi, Sol Cigarette smoking can lead to impaired vision and blindness. Cinnamon : by Corpus, Arlene May G. Classic diet advice, you can probably ignore. by Dreisbach, Shaun Classification of skills of the five levels of reading comprehension. by Gabani, Mauricio O. Clean air in the Metro is still achievable. by Mendoza, Psyche Roxas Cleanse your liver with these 14 foods. Climate change : by Junio, Lailani M. Climate change : by Delos Santos Jr, Edmundo E. Climate change : by Crisanto, Joyce M. Climate change is real! by Mendoza, Mima Collagen powder : Colon cancer : by Same, Marou Pahati Common causes of iron deficiency. by Schiedel, Bonnie Common food myths. by Almocera, Evelyn V. Common foods that can be toxic. Common sense rules on social media. by Diamante, Michelle Anne P. Computer-aided medicine revolution. by Thomas, Daniel J. ConCom finalizes proposal for Federal Constitution. by Elefante, Fil V. Conflict management. by Bisquera, Wilven F. Connecting with your joints. by Almocera, Evelyn V. Coral reefs : by Tacio, Henrylito D. Coronary artery disease. by Sarne, Marou Pahati Corporate citizenship for sustainable development. by Carpio, Alma Anonas Countryside escape : by Sangoyo, Christian L. Creative is as creative does : Creative science : by Callaghan, Victor Credit and control. Cross-training for beginners : Crossing borders : by Bocala, Maria T. Cultivating a culture of research : by Sadia, Winona S. Cultivating confidence : by Narduzzi, Dilia Cultural and political inequalities in the Philippines. by Castillo, Leah Marie T. Cultural collaborations : by Chua, Xiao Culture current : by Castro, Nestor Cyber crime : by Richards, Justin Cyber crime and the law. by De Silva, Sam Cyberwars by Pritchard, Rob Dapat bang itigil ang pagtuturo ng Filipino sa mga kolehiyo? (Unang bahagi) by Alvarez, Lilia Borlongan Darkness over PH. by Santos, Aileen Dead end for dropouts? by Chong, Ysa Deconstructing the myth of free education. by Salud, Joel Pablo Decorate to motivate : by Golangco, Cheryl Defining the Filipino through song, by De Leon Jr, Felipe M. Delivering healthcare in Asia. by Staudinger, Elisabeth Dengue : Dengue cure is coming while cases surge. by Tacio, Henrylito D. DepEd : amendment needed for mandatory drug testing. Depression : by Melgosa, Julian Deregulation in the Philippine oil industry. Deretsuhan sa graphic : Deskilling in the age of digital amnesia. by O'Neill, Helen Deskripsiyon ng K-12 kurikulum. by Villafuerte, Pat V. Detecting oral cancer : by Rideout, Samantha Detox tea : Developing study habits of children. by Malapo, Hernan N. Development and mentoring. by Dann, Jill Diabetes : by Tacio, Henrylito D. Diabetes : by Guinacaran, Ines D. Diabetes : by Fields, Lisa Diabetes and lifestyle modification. Diabetes on the rise. by Tacio, Henrylito D. Diabetic emergencies : Diet and depression. by Elisan, Eden L. Diet change. by Pineda, Zsarah Alyssa M. Diet to prevent diabetes complications. by Manalo, Edreilyn Diet trends in 2018. by Que, Cheshire Digital battlefield : by Ahn, Tony Digital literacy. by Castillo, Leah Marie T. Disaster preparedness tips you must know by heart. by Bantogay, Mary Angela S. Discovering the world through the eyes of an autistic child. by Buazon, Katrina Disorder of language called dysphasia. by Pega, Ma. Magdalena S. Do's and don'ts of classroom teachers. by Koen, Alma Sinlao Does business promote peace or war? by Shweta, Khanna Does nutritional status of children affect their academic performance? by Esmalde, Vicente Does this cause cancer? Does your child have autism? DOH, int'l agencies vow support to eradicate TB. Don't die of drowning. by Tacio, Henrylito D. Don't worry, it's normal. by Stewart, Julie Drinking too much soft drinks may lead to kidney trouble. by Tacio, Henrylito D. Duterte, aides scrambling to fend off #BABAEAKO campaign. by Verona, Inday Espina Dysphasia : by Pangilinan, Imaculate Emilee P. E-cigarettes may cause diseases, reports say. by CIRIACO, CLAUDETH MOCON E-ducating a new generation. by Romero, Paolo Early childhood care and development. by Orfiano, Patrocino Ease cognitive decline. by Laliberte, Marissa Eat fish, stay healthy! by Tacio, Henrylito D. Eat me : by Castaño, Charisse Eat nuts and live longer by Kurian, J.C. Eat safe! by Dancel, Cheryl Ann Martinez Eat, move and love for the elderly. Eating pesticide-free crops, now possible? by Tacio, Henrylito D. Eating right is key to fighting diabetes. by De La Cruz, Anne Ruth Economics of decision making. by Santiago, Hazel, Marie L. EDSA : by Repelente, Terence Education makes a difference : by Higham, Carla Education, an investment for the nation. by Cortez, Nicole Q. Effective teaching and learning. by Quinagoran, Analyn M. Efficiency or conservation? Eight ways to get fitter after cancer treatment. Emotional anesthesia. Employees: asset or threat? by Tucker, Chris EmpoweREAD : by Eduque, Alex Empowered. by Isla, Paul, Anthony A. Empowering schools, empowering teachers. by Elefante, Fil V. Empowering women in the workforce. by Hechanova, Gina M. Encouraging the youth to start investing. End the terror, never again. by Bocala, Maria T. Energy crisis in the Philippines. by Martin, Romina Lou B. Engaging church people to help fight HIV & AIDS. Enjoying senior years. Ennobling the noble profession : by Esguerra Jr, Teofilo C. Epektibong pagtuturo (Ikalawang Bahagi). by Villafuerte, Pat V. Epekto ng TRAIN Law. Erectile dysfunction : by Sarne, Marou Pahati Every move you make. by Turney, Drew Everyday innovation : by Poblete, Johanna D. Everyone's a star. by Trenoweth, Samantha Evolution by natural selection : by Ramos, Richard, Leo B. Evolution of disaster laws in the Philippines. Exemplary forest management : by Tacio, Henrylito D. Experts call for support to boost people's confidence in vaccine. by Marasigan, Lorenz S. Extra-judicial killings in the Philippines by Idlisan, Dolly Anne L. Facts about dysarthia and dysphasia. by Ureta, Lady Love C. Faith in philosophy or philosophy within faith? by Peperzak, Adriaan T. Fanning the flames, thoughts on Edsa 1. by Robles, Rex Farewell, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago (June 15, 1945 - September 29, 2016). Fasting diets. Fat-fighting foods. Fear not. by Antiporda, Toni Federalism : by Elefante, Fil V. Federalism in three acts. by Salud, Joel Pablo Feminism is not a dirty word. by Custodio, Ivanka Fever : the Francis effect by Lalim, Leopoldo Fever: the Francis effect. by Lalim, Leopoldo Fight depression with yoga : Fighting air pollution. by Celestino, Christine, Joi S. Fighting HIV using technology. by Mateo, Jan Victor R. Fighting lung cancer. by Signy, Helen Fighting over seas. by Gonzales, Star Fighting the battle against obesity through awareness and empathy. Filipino : by Villafuerte, Pat V. Filipino language as the privileged medium of the Filipino soul. by Pereña, Felicidad P. Galang Filipino spending habits. by Abello, Andrea H. Filipinos and forgiveness : by Manaligod, Ma., Paz A. Filipinos' right to health. by Podolig, Ma. Patricia Fill up more on veggies and fruits. Find love again by Flynn, Hazel Finding your bliss : by Adalid, Aileen Fitness in the time of the Novel Coronavirus. by Romualdez, Greggy H. Fitness through the ages. Fitness tips to help us get a head-start in 2019. by Romualdez, Greggy H. Five habits that help prevent cancer. Five health numbers you need to know for the New Year. Five money lessons every millennial needs to learn. by De La Paz, Clarissa Five muscle-building rules to live by. by Romualdez, Greggy H. Five random health and fitness facts. by Romualdez, Greggy H. Five reasons you should perform squats. by Romualdez, Greggy H. Five things we should stop doing at the gym. by Romualdez, Greggy H. Five tips for better sleep. by Romualdez, Greggy H. Five unhealthy habits we should give up in 2019. by Romualdez, Greggy H. Flesh-eating bacteria. by Sarne, Marou Pahati Food and culture : by Vanzi, Sol Food to avoid if you have high triglycerides. Foods for beauty sleep. by Balbuena, Teresita T. Foods low in the glycaemic index : Foods that prevent dementia and alzheimer's disease. For health's sake, stop using plastic. by Tacio, Henrylito D. Four common misconceptions about vegans. by Romualdez, Greggy H. Four million Filipinos have undiagnosed eye problems. by Romualdez, Greggy H. Four reasons why mandatory ROTC is problematic. : by Manuel, Raoul Danniel Four tips for fat loss. by Romualdez, Greggy H. Francis and the Filipino people. by Aquino, Ranhilio C. Free education and the road to progress. by Salud, Joel Pablo Freedom from drug addiction. by Genebago, Petronio M. Freedom of information : by Carpio, Alma Anonas Game changers : 10 big ideas that are shaping business. by Poblete, Johanna Gearing up for space : by Cristobal, Ruby Roan Gen Z as overseas Filipinos : by Tinga, Kerry Gender-responsive justice system key to sustainable peace. Generation Z : by Larena, Ellaine Germs that heal. by Begley, Sharon Get on board the brain health revolution. by Eagleman, David Getting out of the ignorance of historical revisionism. by Mendoza, Alfredo N. V. Getting the most out of your executive team building. by Martinoff, Bjorn Getting the necessary vitamins from fruits and vegetables. by Agcaoili, Evangeline I. Getting tough on cybercrime. by Osborn, Charlotte Walker Give the earth a chance. by Greer, Germaine Global garbage cans : by Wavde, Kustini Lim Global perspective on corporate social responsibility of selected indigenous MNCs in the Philippines. by Neis, Wilhelmina I. Global warming remedies. by Taguba, Marites M. Globalization and ASEAN Integration towards high quality education. by Fiel, Arzlelei Joyce Marie S. Go through the motions : by MacNeill, Ian Going natural. by Reyes, Kaycee Going, going, gone? : by Vanzi, Sol Going, going, gone. Good food for the blood : by Tangco, Cristina Good health news! : by Aikins, Mary S. Good vibes : by Garcia, Angelo G. Got bad eating habits ? : Government support imperative in helping smokers quit. Grammar and correct usage. by Castro, Liza Calinao Great sacrifice : by Echluce, Charina Clarisse l. Growing up as a gifted child ... under the spotlight. by Mateo, Janvic Guide to Legionnaire's disease. Guidelines in the implementation of Republic Act No.10912 otherwise known as Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016 for Professional Teachers. Gut bacteria : by Signy, Helen Gut flora and its role in cancer growth (Part1). Gut flora and its role in cancer growth. (Conclusion) Hamon sa sektor ng edukasyon. Handwriting makes you smarter. by Nowak, Claire Happiness : by Smith, Emily Esfahani Has social media become a threat to religion? by Salud, Joel Pablo Have you got these weird symptoms? by Hickling, Susannah Health and fitness apps : Health and hospitality : by Bacay, Alexa H. Health benefits of a cold shower. by Nall, Rachel Health benefits of calamansi. by Tacio, Henrylito D. Health benefits of coffee and tea. Health chief eyes zero leprosy cases by 2020. by Ciriaco, Claudeth Mocon Health is wealth : Healthy and trendy : by Que, Cheshire Healthy diet, gawing habit. by Arayata, Marilyn Healthy food trends for 2020. Heart attack in women. Hello, spine! / by Tecson, Elvin Help the youth overcome disordered eating. by Que, Cheshire Helping out-of-school youths. by Tacio, Henrylito D. Hematuria by Sarne, Marou Pahati Hepatitis : by Rideout, Samantha Here comes La Niña! by Tacio, Henrylito D. High inflation and interest rate? : by Lao, Edmund Hindi cool ang obsession sa social media, pagsunod sa uso ng kabataan, matatanda. by Alvarez, Lilia Borlongan HIV, AIDS & the workplace. by Tacio, Henrylito D. Holidays and nutrition. by Tongco, Cathlea Navarro Home exercises for stroke patients. by Conopio, Deo Jordan A. Hooray for hyphens. How can the people benefit continuously from the rich natural resources. How do I love you? : by Castillo, Sheryll Ann M. How does inflation affect me? by Villoria, Evelina M. How Eastern medicine can improve your life. How gyms and fitness centers can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. by Romualdez, Greggy H. How human memory works. How long does a cold really last? by Cahn, Lauren How much caffeine is there in decaf coffee. by Nelson, Brooke How much is too much caffeine? by Romualdez, Greggy H. How much should you really exercise? by Marders, Kristine Dianne How Pinoy families can live on one income. by Villafuerte, Fitz Gerard How powerful is your passport? by Danas, Tone How should we deal with children in conflict with law? by Elefante, Fil V. How the present Martial Law provision evolved. (Second of three parts) by Elefante, Fil V. How to achieve financial freedom. by Villafuerte, Fitz Gerard How to act 'fast' if you sense a stroke. How to apply behavioral economics to manage your finances better. by Villafuerte, Fitz Gerard How to beat colorectal cancer. by Ruiz, Jun R. How to beat meningococcemia. How to choose optimism : by Saussez, Thierry How to create wifi hotspot. by Gray, Linda How to defuse anger. How to delay aging. by Romulo, Beth Day How to do business online. by Ferreria, Joe How to doze off faster. by Laliberte, Marissa How to earn your first million. by Carvajal, Richard Thaddeus How to get what you paid for. by Popken, Ben How to go global investing. by So, Ricky G. How to have a happy teenager. by Persaud, Joy How to make the United Nations relevant. by Romulo, Beth Day How to manage asthma in the summer months. How to overcome depression. by Melgosa, Julian How to overcome unwanted intrusive thoughts. by Rideout, Samantha How to prepare for a natural disaster? How to promote employee engagement. by Glinoga, Flor M. How to select the best fit employee. by Ocampo, Marie Therese W. How to spot and help suicidal teens. by Baldoza, Nathanlie M. How to stop fighting over money with loved ones. by Nelson, Brooke How to travel the world for free. by Dyquiangco, Excel V. How to treat lifestyle diseases. by Varona, Linda L. How to use leverage handle loans and get out of a sink hole. by Diaz, Zigfred How to write a contract of lease or rent. by Diaz, Zigfred Human rights in the Philippines : by Castillo, Leah Marie Tumlos Hydrating deliciously. by Canto, Nida T. I am mentally ill and this is my story. by Lopez, Katherine I launched a global toy phenomenon. by Signy, Helen Iba't ibang pagkukunan ng enerhiya. Identity voyeurism. by Grout, Vic Ilang mga sanhi ng pagkakaroon ng kanser. by Arayata, Marilyn C. Imagineering the future of education. by Jaboneta, Jay Michael Immunotherapy : by Kaur, Balveen Impact of the history of Math education on present day Math education. by Talavera, Sharon D. Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No.10912 known as the Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016. Importance of art in the community. Importance of K-12 curriculum in the Philippine educational system. by Eleydo, Alvin A. Important things one should know about Wuhan nCoV. by Vicente, Gil M. Imprastruktura para sa mamamayan. Improving cardiorespiratory fitness. by Untalan, Suzzeth M. Improving the teachers. (First of two parts) by Elefante, Fil V. In another light : by Teves, Gerard In case of emergency : by Tangco, Cristina In love with Filipino food. by Barrios, Troy In Maguindanao, gender empowerment is key to peace. by Honculada, Jurgette In pursuit of peace, truth and justice... In search of Rizal's final footsteps. (1st of two parts) by Elefante, Fil V. Industry-based business values in selected higher education institutions (HEIs) : by Miniano, Carl, Mark B. Inside the mind of a stalker. by Cassidy, Rachel Insurance is financial protection for the ordinary Filipino. by Elefante, Fil V. Internet aikido : by Ahn, Tony Internet governance Into the wild. Introducing Gen Z : by Fojas, Sara Grace Introduction to study habits. by Fausto, Rose Fres Ipinaglaban ni Rizal ang kasarinlan ng Pilipinas. by Royeca, Jon E. Is anxious the new normal? : by Reyes, Rizal Raoul Is it heartburn or something else? Is it real or just a hoax by Pacia, Sara Isabelle Is ketogenic diet good for you? by Sarne, Marou-Pahati Is morality shaped by religion? by Penilla, Doreen Fatima S. Is plant-based meat the future of food? Is this really love? : by Holford, Karen Is tourism good or bad? by Bocalo, Maria T. Is traffic in Metro Manila solvable? by Ramirez, Robertzon Is volcanic ash good for the skin? by Sarne, Marou Pahati Is your diet so last century? by Signy, Helen Issue on gender stereotyping : by Luna, Gabriel L. It's a dangerous world : by Garcia, Angelo G. It's a man's job, but somebody's gotta do it : by Antonio, Warlou Joyce It's more fun in the Philippines with more infrastructure. by Galeon, Dom It's still a problem : Juan Dela Cruz redeems himself to Mother Nature. by Dequilla, Bon Jovi F. Juvenile delinquency : by Agcaoili, Rodel P. Juvenile delinquency : its effects and solutions. K to 12 : K-12 : now and its future scenario. by Luis, Janet Rosario P. Kabilang mukha ng AIDS. by Concepcion, Eden Pedrajas Kagitingan 1896194219862015 ... by Concepcion, Eden Pedrejas Kailan ba dapat magretiro? by Alvarez, Lilia Borlongan Karbon pa more, sa gitna ng "Climate change." Kasaysayan ng korupsiyon sa Pilipinas. by Martin, Romina Lou B. Keep calm and carry on : by Anda, Florieder Keep your body healthy with nature's most powerful herb - oregano. by Johnson, Esse Keep your mind young and sharp. Kidney cancer. by Sarne, Marou Pahati Kids getting pregnant increasing - POPCOM. by Ciriaco, Claudeth Mocon Knee pain dos and don'ts. Know the health benefits provided by herbs to make people stay healthy. by Luna, Gabriel L. Knowing our indigenous culture. Krisis sa tubig, tanda ng kabiguan ng pribatisasyon. Kurso o karanasan? by Faller, Richard Labor's cliffhanger : by Mendoza, Psyche Roxas Land reform : by Mendoza, Psyche Roxas Land reform across selected Asian countries. Language and the language arts. by Flavier, Veronica C. Lawmakers call for more progressive approach against NCDs. by Abad, Roderick L. Leadership : by Buban, Armando H. Learners with exceptionalities. by Cabatbat, Jocelyn M. Learning to relax. Less stress, more joy. by Parachin, Victor M. Lessons every traveller learns. by Groundwater, Ben Lessons of federalism from other countries : by Atienza, Maria Ela L. Lessons on fire safety. by Elefante, Fil V. Let's move against piracy! Let's talk about STIs. by Navarette, Paola Leveraging social media in organizations. by Pangan, Farida Library as place : by Oiga, Jacky Lynne A. Life beyond dementia. by Swaffer, Kate Lifestyle medicine : by Mañez, Johann Kim T. Lifting the dark clouds of ignorance through ALS. by Gerero, Reniel B. Lifting tips for beginners. by Romualdez, Greggy H. Limang paraan upang mahikayat ang mga bata na magbasa ng mga libro. by Arayata, Marilyn C. Lindol : by Lawagan, Ernesto Live clean, live healthy. by Ferrer, Teodoro L. Living a full life : Living happy, aging gracefully. Local heroes and heroines behind the Philippine independence. by Alcantara, Eduardo M. Jr. Long-term vision. by Fields, Lisa Longer, healthier, productive lives for Pinoys achievable by 2040. by Ciriaco, Claudeth Mocon Looking ahead : by Uy, Hannah Joy Lose weight the smart way. by Bowerman, Susan Love/hate social media. by Patawaran, Arnel Lowering blood pressure. by Levitt, Andrea Au Lung cancer : by Tacio, Henrylito D. Lupang Hinirang : by Salud, Joel Pablo Lupus : by Tacio, Henrylito D. Lupus : by Tacio, Henrylito D. Lurking school disasters. by Sarmiento, Gloria Braganza Madalas ka bang nasa beastmode? by Faller, Chad Make exercise count : Make exercise count : Make wellness a way of life with these 8 daily habits. Making baby. by Horning, Glynis Making it up as we go : by Fernandez, Jayvee Making PH flood free. by Villaflor, Kate E. Malaria-free PH by 2030 possible - WHO. Malulunasan ba ng diborsiyo ang kalungkutan? by Lavarez, Onil Mamasapano : Manufacturing labor (or why OFWs like Mary Jane Veloso have to look for work abroad). by Mendoza, Psyche Roxas Marso 8 : Pandaigdigang Araw ng Kababaihan. Martial Law : ginintuang panahon nga ba sa ekonomiya? Maruming 'balak' sa krisis sa tubig. Matters of the heart for all ages. by Que, Cheshire May divorce be with you. by Yuvienco, Marie May sampung hindi masusustansiyang pagkain. 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Oats : by Lowenstein, Kate Obesity eclipses smoking as cause of cancer. by Que, Cheshire OFWs : by Lirios, Erick Old-time doctor remedies that work. by McCaffery, Jen On full alert : On health scene. by Gonzales, Eduardo G. On living long and living well : by Reyes, Kaycee On the radar : 9 dishes that will put the Philippines on the culinary map. by Vanzi, Sol Jose Online uprising. by Funa, Sunshine Selga Opisinang walang papel : by Lawagan, Ernee Organic vs conventional foods : by Que, Cheshire Our literature tomorrow. by Jose, F.Sionil Our renewable, but finite water. by Tacio, Henrylito D. Over-exercising can be bad for you : by Nelson, Brooke Paano ba dapat tratuhin ang iyong boss o superior? by Faller, Richard Paano ba maiiwasan ang sibling rivalry? by Alvarez, Lilia Borlongan Paano dapat ipagdiwang ng mga Kristiyano ang Halloween at gunitain ang Araw ng mga Patay? by Alvarez, Lilia Borlongan Paano magkakaroon ng kaaya-ayang workspace? by Faller, Richard Paano makakatipid kapag nagkasakit? by Alvarez, Lilia Borlongan Paano natin mahihikayat magbasa ang ating mga anak? by Alvarez, Lilia Borlongan Paano natin palalakihin nang tama ang ating mga anak? by Alvarez, Lilia Borlongan Paano pipiliin ang tamang kurso? by Faller, Richard Pag-iwas sa kanser. by Arayata, Marilyn C. Pag-unawa at paglaban sa karahasan laban sa mga kababaihan. by Arayata, Marilyn C. Pag-unlad mula sa mga likas na yaman. Pagbasa : by Reyes Jr, Petronilo D. Pagbasa na may pang-unawa, mahalagang salik sa pagkatuto. by Sarmiento, Edna D. 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Perks of getting older : by Casco, Angela PH still prone to polio. Philippines : Pilates. by Robinson, Kara Mayer Pinagmulan ng lahat ng wika. by Peraz, Azur M. Pinoy values, virtues and technology. Plant-based food as medicine. by Bechayda, Kristelle Plastic in your area! : Plastic problems. by Tacio, Henrylito D. POPCOM : Pope Francis effect. by Carpio, Alma Anonas Possible reasons for constipation. by Capistrano, Yolanda P. Poverty : by Ponsaran, John N. Poverty and the housing problem in the country. Power from the sun. by Tacio, Henrylito D. Preparedness is the buzzword : by Sionil, Fil C. Prepping for bicam : by Carpio, Alma Anonas Preserving and developing our culture. Pretending to be poor : by Angeles, Trixie Cruz Print me a new body. by Signy, Helen Problem of equity in education. Problem solved : federalism is simply fine-grained accountability. by Legaspi, Calen Proper antibiotic use, key to addressing anti-microbial resistance. by Ching, Stephanie Joy Proseso ng paiba-ibang pagtuturo. by Villafuerte, Pat V. Protecting the changing environment. Pupil, teacher and parent perspectives on bullying prevention. by Timario, Darmo Naranjo Pursuing a sustainable public mass transport system. Pushing for pro-people tax policy. Quality education for the Filipino. by Yatco, Gabrielle Iryn S. Queen's 65-year reign : Quezon : by Angara, Edgardo J. Quit or die : R is for reading and ready! by Posadas, Regina G. Racism, it can be everywhere. by Villoria, Evelina M. Raising gen Z kids. by Jacob, Amanda Griffin Rallying Philippine education towards globalization. by Valdez, Herrybert L. Read early, get smart later : by Garcia, Angelo G. Read, read, read : by Repelente, Terence Real women, real stories, real hope. by Calingo, Melissa S. Recognizing children with special needs. by Arevalo, Maria, Teresita F. Recycling electronics : Redefining retirement. by De Vera, Ryan N. Reimagining the Filipino feast. by Ozaeta, Anne Marie Restarting your body, resetting your metabolism. by Chua, Zsarlene B. Resurgence of Zika in Asia. by Villaflor, Kate E. Rethinking nicotine. Retinopathy (have your eyes checked.) by Sarne, Marou Pahati Rice poisoning. by Almocera, Evelyn V. Rice Tarrification Law : Riding high by Romulo, Beth Day Rising cost of education. by Cheng, Arlyn W. Rising from the rubbles : by Manipon, Roel Hoang Risk assessment. by Mitchell, John Rizal : haligi ng bayan. by Dela Cruz, Remedios Cornejo Rizal and federalism : why our national hero espoused a federal republic. by Fernandez, Erwin S. Rizal lives! : Road rage. by Rose, Eleanor Robots rule. by Shteyngart, Gary Role of people in protecting, conserving and improving the environment. by Delos Santos Jr, Edmundo E. Roles of educational technology towards quality education. by De Guzman, Gerry C. Running low. by Misagal, Monch Mikko Sa isyu ng kahirapan ... by Royeca, Jon E. Safe-cation. by Robbins, Jody Save your kidneys. by Franche, Dollie G. Saving and investing wisely. by Fausto, Ros Fres Sawayin ang pambu-bully sa loob ng paaralan. by Bumagat, Wilma C. Say goodbye to bad breath : School management issues and challenges. by Sarmiento, Gloria Braganza Science has spoken : by Romualdez, Greggy H. Secrets to a smarter you. by Levitt, Andrea Au Senior class. by Laidlaw, Katherine Shake off that salt habit this 2019. by Tacio, Henrylito D. Shakespeare's enduring legacy. Shingles : by Fitterman, Lisa Shoe-i-cide : by Almocera, Evelyn V. Shout out on depression : by Arzadon, Francisco Estigoy V Si Andres Bonifacio at ang KKK. Significant roles of the teachers in the 21st century. by Martin, Matroni Ao M. Sikaping maging healthy. by Arayata, Marilyn C. Simple ways to lower blood pressure. by Au Levitt, Andrew Simple ways you can safeguard your health from Coronavirus. Simulating pandemics. by Mateo, Jan Victor R. Six tips to keep kids in tip-top condition this school year. Skin : Sleep better every night : by Rideout, Samantha Sleep well to live well. Sleeping with the enemy : by Dyquiangco, Excel V. Social media is making you sad and miserable. by Centeno, Loraine Balita Social media urban dictionary. by Mamalateo, Jaime Miguel A. Social work and peacebuilding. by Leomo, Diane Kathrina Sore throat gone wrong. by Sarne, Marou Pahati Sorting out the trash. by Kasilag, Giselle P. Space and society : by Sese, Rogel Mari Speaking without words. by Vargas, Kristoffer, Angelo Z. Spider veins. by Tecson, Elvira R. Spin in the time of internet. by Carpio, Alma Anonas Sports : by Tañalas, Lucile B. Sprain, strain, and other pains : by Conopio, Deo Jordan A. 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Sustaining New Year's new you. by Quesada, Leo Swimming in socks. by Posnanski, Joe Syndrome X. by Sarne, Marou Pahati Taas buwis, taas implasyon. Take a 30-minute break from social media to keep healthy. by Dela Cruz, Anne Ruth Take precautions, it's flu season. by Tacio, Henrylito D. Taking "soft skills" seriously. by Sierra, Lorelina G. Taking care of the environment. Takotsubo or broken heart syndrome. by Sarne, Maroy Pahati Tales of the Trump : by Carlos Jr., Marius TB : by Tacio, Henrylito D. Teachers and the homework debate : by Esguerra, Teofilo C. Jr Teachers move the nation. by Pangalangan, Anna Bettina Teaching Filipino now : by Devilles, Gary C. Teaching Filipino to Filipinos in the 21st century. by Morales, Angelica Flores Teaching for the next generation. by Tinga, Kerry Teaching kids to save money. by Suarez, Rowena Cuyco Tech terms you need to know. by Inoue, Marieve Technology for teachers and students. by Esguerra, Teofilo C. Jr Technology in healthcare by Baxendale, Gareth Technology meets tradition. by Jagger, Paul D. Technology saves the day : by Vergara, Alex Y. Teenage behavioral problems. by Sarne, Marou Pahati Terrorism. by Ramos, Richard Leo B. The 3Ds of processed meat. by Estrada, Miriam R. The 5-Ps of learning. by Bagnol, Felix N. The 7 deadly sins of investing. by Bulos, Heinz The 7 super foods you need this summer. The academic versatility of the Filipino language. by Repelente, Terence The addict brain. by Antemano, Rowena R. The amazing brainches The art of haggling. by Dyquiangco, Excel V. The arthritis-red meat connection. by Radd, Sue The ASEAN University network : by Fojas, Sara, Grace C. The bargain games by Hancock, James Gulliver The benefits of exercise to kids. The benefits of K+12 Basic Education Program. by Del Rosario, Ruby T. The best free things : by Carpio, Alma Anonas The best fruits and vegetables to keep cancer away. The best fruits and vegetables to keep cancer away. The billion dollar Filipino herbal industry. by Que, Cheshire The bird man. by Lin, Enru The bitter truth about the betterment : by Vanzi, Sol The breast center : by Flores, Helen M. The builder by Basilio Jr, Robert J.A. The burning question. by Fields, Lisa The causes and prevention of Math anxiety. by Ureta, Remedios A. The challenge of federalism. The challenges and rewards of a most meaningful job. by Manlangit, Eunice The changing atmosphere. by Tongco, Cathlea Navarro The changing world of work. by Asetre, Jo Ann Rosary O. The crisis of education. The CSI-style of protecting endangered species. by Cruz, Ronald L. The culture of remittances : by Guinigundo, Diwa C. The dawn of learner experience design. by Jagger, Paul D. The day the universe changed forever. by Baldwin, John T. The delivery room for the birth of ideas : by Tiangco, Marife G. The diversity of Filipino spirituality. by Perilla, Doreen Fatima S. The earth is drowning. by Tan, Stephanie L. 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The K+12 Basic Education Curriculum. by Cariaga, Arthur M. The keys to being financially independent. by Apalat, Armand Leo The keys to longevity. The language that is Filipino. by Repelente, Terence The law decriminalizing vagrancy amid the drive against tambays. by Elefante, Fil V. The learned Filipino : by Sicat, Ma. Aurora The long quest for nuclear power. by Elefante, Fil V. The many faces of the teacher : by Pangalangan, Anna Bettina B. The many faces of the teacher : by Austria, Kelly The millennial CEOs : by Cerera, Roland The nationalization and modernization of Filipino. by Almario, Virgilio S. The neoliberalization of the Filipino : by Repelente, Terence The new definition of employee engagement. by Espinosa, Ernesto G. The new laws we just heard about. by Teoxon, Ma. Catherine D. 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