Next century mathematics : General mathematics :

Orines, Fernando B.,

Next century mathematics : General mathematics : Grade 11 Senior High School / Fernando B. Orines, author-coordinator - 52 pages ; 25 cm

At head of title : Phoenix Publishing House -- Cover At head of title: K to 12 Curriculum Compliant -- Cover

"The topics are based on the Department of Education's K to 12 Curriculum Guide for Mathematics for Senior High School. Each unit is introduced by highlighting its importance and mathematics connection to other fields of studies. Discussion of topics is direct and informative. A variety of illustrative examples, together with its easy-to-follow solutions, are arranged in ascending degree of difficulty. The categorized sets of exercises are retained: Math Selfie for individual practice, Math Groupie for group exericises, and Math Smash for fast learners." -- Preface

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